Journey to the United States of America Part 2

Boston is a beautiful city, a lot of red brick buildings. Not too busy but not too quiet either. It is the education capital of the world, with the highest concentration of education institutions in the world. Among the institutions in Boston are Havard, MIT, and Boston University etc. I was in the USA to attend a familiarization tour for some of our partner universities’. The trip was sponsored by Kaplan International Pathways, and I was in Boston to visit Northeastern University (NE). NE is a Tier 1 research university, very well ranked in the USA, with outstanding faculty, facilities and programs. Among other things, I got the opportunity to see a robot that was being developed by NE students in conjunction with MIT, and sponsored by NASA!

A day later, we flew down to Oklahoma to visit the University of Tulsa. Tulsa is a very beautiful and serene city. After an hour or two of not really seeing anyone, I had to ask where everyone was! The University of Tulsa has a very beautiful campus, both in architecture and landscaping. I felt that this was my kind of place. No distractions, very spacious and a lot of room for outside activity. Their flagship programme is Petroleum Engineering, not surprisingly since Oklahoma was once considered the oil capital of the world. They also have a very well ranked business school. Their facilities are superb, and I was especially impressed by the facilities at the School of Health Sciences. I would definitely recommend anyone who wishes to study Nursing or Athletic Training to check this university out.

The next day we set out to New York. Bad weather and the resulting chaos with a local airline meant that we arrived in New York 30 hours later in what should have been a 5 hour journey! With my patience tested to the limits and on my last energy reserves, I just jumped on my bed and blacked-out due to fatigue when I finally got to my hotel in New York. New York is very different from Boston or Tulsa. New York is a very big city. Very busy, packed with people and concrete buildings, with narrow streets and plenty of construction going on. And it was very cold, 0 degrees Celsius. In New York, we visited Pace University, which was intertwined with the city.Pace University is right in the middle of New York City. It is the most city campus you can get. It is an excellent location for students looking to study a business related course.

Luckily, we got an afternoon to do some shopping, and there was just so much on offer that I felt one needed at least a week to sample what is available.The USA offers all extremes and everything in between. It has the busy and fast, but the serene and quite as well. It has the tall concrete buildings but all also the green lush gardens. It has the cold crispy breeze but the warm sunshine as well. Every university, every city has its personality.