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Global edge

The quality of education provided by US academic institutions is acknowledged worldwide. The teaching forces of these institutions are leading authorities in their respective fields. The quality of the research programs along with the resources available and the faculty ensures that the institutions have high standards.

more choice

More than 4000 institutions offer undergraduate, post graduate and doctorate degrees. One can specialize in any desired area of focus. The USA education system has variety of academic & social environments which allow the student to build up in all aspects.


An American education is the best preparation for their future. Earn while you Learn! Work 20 hours per week during their course and 40 hours per week during vacation 

Education becomes more affordable with financial aid, scholarships and assistantships


The USA education system is flexible in terms of choice of courses within a College or University. During the course of study, a student can transfer from one course/stream to another or one institution to another. This aspect of the USA education system makes it distinct from other countries.

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