Sayyada Master, BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy

Courtesy of our partners at UNIC- Navitas

My name is Sayyada Master. I come from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and am currently at UNIC, pursuing my science and healthcare pathway to a BSc (Hons) in Occupational Therapy.

For as long as I remember, I have always dreamt about going to university and getting a degree. The thrill of a fresh start, moving to a new country and living the dream always appealed to me. I fantasized about a great old university, with dramatically beautiful architecture- I knew for sure, my Instagram feed would be at the envy of all my friends back at home.

When time came around to apply for the universities- instead of feeling excited, I felt lost. Ginormous application forms, interviews and the most heart shattering of all- these universities NEVER had my course!

It was only when I was lost, I found the University of Northampton International College- a college through the Navitas group of universities that was directly linked to the University of Northampton. I knew I found a place where I would create a lifetime’s worth of memories. Best part? It was one of the only universities in the UK that offered a direct degree enrolment into my health and science course.

To know more about why I chose UNIC, read on!

  • 1. A Strong Sense of Community: Coming from a place with great emphasis on community life, I knew my transition from a close-knit high school to huge UK university would be difficult. Imagine walking in a place without knowing a soul- I would feel like Nemo in the big scary ocean. Fortunately for me- and many like me- UNIC is a small, yet very well instructed institute with a modern university as its backing. You will make friends here quicker than you can make pot noodles! Best part- you won’t experience the heartbreaking separation too soon; these friends are going to be around you for the next 3 years while you all complete your degree together.

  • 2. The Smooth University Experience: UNIC provides students with comfortable transitioning, being located inside the Park Campus already giving the students a feel of being in ‘real’ university. While University is no child’s play, UNIC allows students to have lectures that are conducted in a supportive environment and being thoroughly reviewed so that it is relevant to the course they will be starting two semesters later. At the same time, UNIC allows students to adjust well in their new environment as well as having university-like assessment schemes with full one-on-one support from their professors. Going straight into university doesn’t allow you the privilege of having a manual in hand- unfortunately.

  • 3. An added advantage: Students coming from mainstream high schools internationally often find it difficult to adjust to UK’s university standards. Being at UNIC gives students an extra advantage over other international students who go directly in the university. Professors at UNIC cover key skills such as plagiarism, essay planning, group presentations and basic knowledge that will make understanding complex university stuff a breeze!