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Uniserv Education was set up with a single mandate- to make education opportunities available. We committed to this fifteen years ago and it remains our single goal. Our advisory services are free, and our counsellors are trained to match prospective students with the best options for their future. We still believe in personal relationships, and we wont advise until we've understood what you're looking for. Once we've worked out your plan, we'll assist with applications, accommodation choices, and complete your visa application with you. We're the one stop shop for students looking for opportunities abroad, and we're good at what we do- it's made us the #1 education consultancy in East Africa


About: What We Do


We're career consultants

You'll need to think about what interests you, what your strengths are, where you want to be in the future, and the relevance of the field that you're considering. It's great to speak with a counsellor about this, because there may be things that you've not considered.


Fill out forms and submit essays

We'll take care of your application, proof read your essays and make suggestions based on what we know admissions teams are looking for. We'll also help you meet any conditions that may be attached to your offer.


With our in house visa experts

Study visas can be tricky, and getting it wrong means that your offer is useless. We're well known for our approval rate, and we'll make sure your application doesn't get submitted until we're confident that it will be accepted.


Hit the ground running

We plan pre-departure events where you'll get an idea of what to expect when you land, and meet some students who are heading to the same destination!


15 years strong

We've partnered with world class institutions to bring you the best choices from across the globe, we have 15 years of experience and we'll always keep in touch to make sure you're doing well!

What people say

This was my second time I’ve received an amazing support from the Uniserv team. First was for my undergraduate and now for my Masters. My habit is always overthinking things and so the team did a great job for keeping me at ease with their exceptional assistance! Keep up the great work!

- Alam Juneja



  • Do I need to book an appointment before I visit?
    You're more than welcome to give us a call, or use the chat function on our website to book in a session. We welcome drop ins, and we're open from 8:30am-5pm. We're also happy to work around your schedule- so if you can't make it during our office hours, just let us know!
  • What should I bring to my first counselling session?
    Your first counselling session is your counsellors oppotunity to get to know you, your dreams and your strengths, so you needn't bring anything other than yourself. We'll need copies of your transcripts and passport to proceed with applications, so it does make the process smoother and more efficient if you can provide us with these early on in the process.
  • What if I don't see the school I'm interested in on your list of partners?
    Our partners list represents the institutions that have given us 'priority status' and asked us to represent them in our regions. It means that these institutions respond to our students quicker than other applicants. It also means that we have a direct line of communication in these schools. If a school that you're interested in is not on our list, it doesn't mean that we can't help. We can still help you compare course content, make your application, and assist all the way through to when you get your visa.
  • Do you offer scholarships?
    Full scholarships are rare, competitive and merit based. We don't recommend that you depend on getting a full scholarship that will cover your tuition fees and living costs. We do frequently have partial tuition fee scholarships available, which are also merit based. If you are awarded one of these, you will still need to cover your living costs and the remaining tuition fee amount. If you have identified a scholarship which you would like to apply for, we can assist with your application. Uniserv does not provide scholarships, we assist funded students to secure admission abroad.
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