Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

My first ever flight by plane was to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia through Dubai. These are two destinations I have heard a lot about, the latter being with the current tallest building in the world and the other with the former tallest building in the world.

Since I had a Kenyan passport and was traveling for duration of less than 30 days I did not need to get a visa to travel to Malaysia therefore the only thing I needed is my passport, yellow fever and wait for the D day.

The date for traveling finally arrived.  It was a normal day but full of anticipations on what to expect at the airport. My flight was scheduled at 2245hrs. I arrived at JKIA prepared for long awaited once in a lifetime experience. I did my check in, cleared with the immigration department then went to departure waiting area.

At around 2145hrs we were called to our gate which was leading us to the plane which I was to board for the first section of my trip. Through the window I could see this huge magnificent magical body which can make its way through the air without anything to get support from. There and then it hit me that I was finally going to be floating in the air without the convenience of land to support my feeble legs.

I had ensured my seat was by the window so that I could witness the takeoff and landing. As we began ascending to the sky the normally huge Nairobi structures became smaller and then disappeared. Finally we were cruising past the huge clouds. The flight to Dubai took 5 hours then I had a layover of 5 hours after which I had a connecting flight to Kuala Lumpur that lasted for 8 hours.