What Next after my University Offer?

It is that time of the year when you have finally received your offer letter from the University of Choice and are probably wondering, What Next?

If you have received a conditional offer, it means the university has accepted you on to its course, subject to you meeting the entry requirements of the offer.

This include things like certain qualifications in your English Language Assessment Test or sending your academic certificates if you applied using transcripts. These conditions are normally outlined in the Conditional offer letter and are usually the same as or similar to the general entry requirements for that course.

Once you have fulfilled these conditions, you receive an unconditional offer which often times only asks that you pay a certain deposit fee towards your tuition fees for the first year of study. Once you accept an unconditional offer it means that you are committing to go to that university or college and then you receive an Acceptance letter.

There are certain steps to follow in order to bridge the gap between getting your offer and actually enrolling into the university.

Pre-departure briefings

These are step by step practical basics or guidelines of the whole journey of studying abroad. Uniserv organizes such helpful events during every intake for the different study destinations to both parents and prospective students. These pre departure briefings are sessions that provide you with information to help prepare for arrival abroad. They help you answer any questions you may have about moving to the new country. This could be ‘when to book your flight ticket’ to ‘what type of clothes to wear for the winter or summer intake’. You also get to meet other students from your country who will be studying at the same university as you!

Accommodation facilities

Have you booked your accommodation on campus? Most universities offer a variety of accommodation options for living on campus. Other accommodation options are located within walking distance from lecture rooms, Libraries, academic facilities, Sports Centre, and a variety of dining options. Student housing is extremely popular and in high demand and therefore a down payment on accommodation when booking is required to secure your booking and full payment of the semester must be paid prior to your arrival. Booking for accommodation is an online thing and our counselors are well trained to handle even the difficult bookings.

Visa preparations

Generally, a citizen of a country who wishes to study in another country must first obtain a student visa. Applying for visa is one of the most critical aspects of your preparations for overseas studies.  Visa application processes can be very daunting and therefore one will definitely need to seek guidance. There is no need to get stuck because Uniserv is able to offer you accurate study abroad student visa information and a seamless experience in applying for visas to study abroad.

Orientation Week

The first week of orientation to international students on campus. It is the perfect time to get social, sporting, study and support sessions and events to help you get familiar with the campus, meet people, get prepared for study, find out who’s there to help and most importantly…have fun! Universities prepare an exciting program of activities and lots of information hotspots to help you get ready for university life.

If you are really stuck somewhere in between making your university application to enrollment this coming January 2017 intake, find Uniserv and Master Your Own Destiny!