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Studying Law in the UK

Many international students aspire to study law in the UK each year. Law students develop analytical and communication skills alongside attractive career prospects. These skills can help them greatly in their professional and everyday lives at the same time.

Law courses in the UK tend to place a strong emphasis on compulsory or core modules in the first year. Additionally this often also happens in the second year, with options forming the main focus in later years. Teachings are focused on developing skills which lawyers need – from the basics of research to constructing an argument and knowledge of how to interview legal clients – can also feature from the first year of the course.

Core teaching will focus on aspects of the subject including contract law, criminal law, property law and the legal foundations of the European Union. Options can embrace subjects including child law, labor law, human rights, bioethics, legal philosophy, current legal issues and environmental law. Some courses also offer undergraduates the chance to combine the study of law in the UK with modern foreign language learning. Many give students the chance to research and write a dissertation in the third or fourth year.

Law Graduates’ Future Prospects in the UK

The law students who graduate from world-famous law schools in the UK, often find their expertise in high demand by both the UK law firms and other multinational law firms throughout the globe. This means that they won’t have to worry about their post-graduation prospects at all. Some UK law schools even offer special research opportunities to their students to study part of their courses at other renowned institutes around the world.

Law courses have always been and probably will be some of the most sought after academic courses in the world. 

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