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NCBA and Uniserv 


Are you looking for opportunities in further education? Whether you’re a concerned parent, an inquisitive potential student looking for distance learning opportunities, or a professional looking to specialise with a Masters program, NCBA is bringing you a premium service to help you navigate through the available opportunities all over the world.

Uniserv Education has been placing students in institutions all over the world for 15 years, with unmatched experience and an impressive list of global partners, there’s nobody better suited to guide you through the journey than our counsellors.

NCBA appreciates the needs of their clients, and has partnered with Uniserv Education to focus on wider development. All the way from a counselling session through to attaining a student visa and being guided through a pre-departure session, the service will work to make the transition easy for you, and your family.


What you’re entitled to as a NCBA client:

  • Counselling sessions to help align career aspirations, personal strengths and the choice of institution/ course.

  • Expert university application guidance (essay writing guidelines, UCAS help).

  • University entry exam preparation (including GMAT, ILETS, SAT, PTE, TOEFL, PMP and more!).

  • Preferential access to our examination centre.

  • Expert student visa guidance, including access to an in house immigration lawyer.

  • Assistance with university accommodation (vetted and trusted suggestions).

  • Orientation services including pre departure briefings and sessions with alumni.


Education is the basis of a good foundation in life, and whilst your experience will constantly be changing, your education history will remain on your CV for the rest of your life. Don’t take the decision lightly, get informed with the experts!

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