Hello London!

A four- hour long bus drive took us right into the heart of England. The amazing sights and attractions of skyscrapers, museums, statues and theaters fired up my excitement as we drove past The Tower of London and across the River Thames.

London sets a high bar as the world’s leading financial and creative center, with universities such as London South Bank and The University of London. The walk past the Louboutin and Dior stalls all the way to Primark was an eyeball socket remover. The outdoor pubs and restaurants on the streets either serving cold jars of beer or authentic cuisine characterize London as a multicultural city where everyone is somebody.

Amazing! I knew that by the end of my trip, I would finally see the streets of London that I only saw on my Monopoly board game back at home. I had wanted so badly to see the London Bridge and sing about “The Falling Bridge” by heart! and i did.