Day one of the trip of a lifetime

The enormous bronze statue of the archangel Michael standing 6 feet tall subduing the Devil with a scepter in hand brought out the essence of power. As we toured the Cathedral, i kept thinking about all the rich history this place holds.

Coventry University is located adjacent to the historic and compelling Cathedral, and a tour of the university began with visits to the different faculties. Views of major construction developments within the campus and classroom activities such as participating in the university’s business trading floor kept us active. After completing the tour, we had dinner at The Cosy Club. The great atmosphere, delicious food and drinks spun our evening into a whole exciting story telling evening, where we learnt about the Lady Godiva and the Peeping Tom.

The Hull University visit marked the second day of our tour at Kingston upon Hull. Journeying through a hundred miles of road, farms and past the Humber Bridge to Northern England, we reached the 2017 UK city of culture. Life at Hull is vibrant with live music, plays and comedians which brings out the attitude of a city that lets you be yourself. The city center is a hotbed of shops, restaurants, cafes, theatres and attractions while the leafy residential areas around the campus gives the feel of a student community.

An insight of all the students’ services, accommodation facilities and a feel of the academic atmosphere offered by Hull University came alive as we took a relaxed walk around the friendly campus. The clipped lawns and freshly sprung bright yellow flowers made it perfect. Hull will always feel like home, far away from home.