The trip of a lifetime

The trip of a lifetime begun on a Sunday evening aboard an Emirates flight to London Gatwick via Dubai, city of luxurious living and skyscrapers! Oh, yeah and duty free shopping! Flights can be really energy zapping, but my exhaustion did not last. After landing in the Queens Land, a cab drive to Coventry felt more relaxing. On the way, we passed the beautiful flower farms and forests on the vast Surrey Hills landscape, which made my journey dreamier.

The amazing view from my five star hotel room in Coventry had me taking selfies and insta-videos and immediately posting them on my social media platforms. I was in The UK! And I wasn’t going to let the homesick fever get to me. Hundreds of voice messages to my friends and relatives, and their heartfelt responses made me feel better as the night got colder.

Day one of my wondrous trip was the visit to one of the top UK universities, Coventry University. My first impression of the city was painted by the view of the Coventry Cathedral. A sight so appalling that it gave quite the spiritual experience. The enormous bronze statue of the archangel Michael standing 6 feet tall subduing the Devil with a scepter in hand brought out the essence of power. As we toured the Cathedral, i kept thinking about all the rich history this place holds.