Why study in Halifax, Nova Scotia


  • Endless ocean views

If you love the ocean, you will love Nova Scotia. It is surrounded by the wild Atlantic Ocean but for some it’s a novelty – and here it’s gorgeous everywhere. There is also a pretty famous harbour in Halifax, and the ferry is a great way to either see the views or just get across!


  • Rich history and seafood

Nova Scotia was one of the first places in Canada that was settled by Europeans, and has a lot of history to show for it! The views are beautiful and the tiny town is a glimpse into quintessential fishing community life.

You can get any seafood you want locally caught and it’ll often be very fresh caught that very day. If you’re into lobster it’s here aplenty. A lot of people come here to eat clams as well, and if you’re interested you can even go clam digging yourself.

  • Fantastic social life

If you’re coming to Halifax, come during the Buskers Festival every summer! The whole city gets even livelier and you discover something new every summer. It’s free to watch the comedy but tips are recommended, and the atmosphere during this festival is tangibly exciting.


  • Halifax’s nightlife

It could be an urban myth, but it’s been said that Halifax has the highest number of bars/pubs per capita in all of Canada – and I’d believe it!

Whether you want an upscale club Pacifico, a Maritime pub Your Father’s Mustache  or a party bar The Dome, you’re set.

You can probably walk to vineyards, apple orchards, corn fields and many other farms. The local wine is world-famous, definitely check out Jost and Luckett Vineyards.

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